"Digital Health Earth": towards a global healthcare management geolocating human health condition by means of space technology

Ключевые слова: Digital Earth, Health, Neogeography


Healthcare providers such as the World Health Organization, transnational and global health initiatives, the national healthcare systems, down to the smallest villages and individual practitioners and professionals could benefit from geo referential data and metadata and 3D digital assets provided by space technology. Health prevention and literacy programs, mortality and morbidity rates, including contextual statistical data about populations and territories are being already produced and accessible. The hypothetical frame of a Digital Health Earth hereto presented could be performed as the interoperability of 3D representations of sectors of territories and geolocalized layers about health and environment. SDG Goals crossed with WHO programs and available data can become the premises for the design and development of a global representation of healthcare situations, highlighting priorities and disseminating data by intuitive and interactive modes of visualization as it is already happening with 2D dashboards about COVID-19 pandemic. Healthcare practitioners, professionals, health managers, but also patients, proxy, social workers, laypeople, stakeholders and media could benefit from visualizing and comparing Digital Earth health data. Concerns about privacy, digital divide and social exclusion from primary care services and how quality of lives might occur are considered here. As a consequence of Space Technology, especially for its connection with the Satellite industry, Digital Health Earth, will contribute to the development of a new added value economic branch inside the increasing market of the Space Economy Revolution.

Биографии авторов

Antonio Del Mastro, Mars Planet Research&Innovation

Antonio Del Mastro is the president of Mars Planet, a private research organization focused on the studies on the human exploration of Space. He is co-founder of ECSEC ( www.ecsec.space), a private company whose scope is to help the traditional companies to enter in the Space Economy and technical coordinator of the project Mars City ( www.mars-city.org). Antonio is an Electronic/Telecommunication Engineer with a long experience in the design and certification of devices and systems in Space and not-Space industry. His area of interest is currently Space simulation, also through virtual reality techniques, space medicine and robotics.


Federico Monaco, University of Parma

Federico Monaco, PhD

Educational background:

  • University of Rome "La Sapienza" , Italy (Degree in Sociology of Communications and Mass Media);
  • University of Parma, Italy (PhD in Social and Political Sciences);
  • University of Trento, Italy (Certificate of e-Learning Design and trainer)

Profession: community manager / e-Learning designer

Eugene Nikolaevich Eremchenko, Lomonosov Moscow State University

Eugene Eremchenko graduated from Kharkov State University, USSR (experimental high energy physics). He is a scientific researcher of Lomonosov MSU (Russia), head of Neogeography group, principal investigator of VNIIEM. Works in the vast interdisciplinary context. Author/editor of  100+ scientific articles, 3 books or book chapters, numerous outreach materials.

Main areas of interest: Digital Earth/Neogeography; Visual analytics/Creative Intelligence; Situational Awareness; Semiotics; GIS.

Anna Nelson, MD, Independent Researcher

Anna Salwa Binti Puat Nelson. General Practitioner / Physician.

Educational background: 

  • King’s College London, UK (MSc in Aviation Medicine);
  • University of Otago, New Zealand (PG Cert Av Med);
  • Kursk State Medical University, Russia (MD).


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