On the relative location of the Gunung Padang and Machu Picchu megalithic complexes

Keywords: Digital Earth, archeology, Gunung Padang, Machu Picchu, Google Earth


The unusual relative locations of the megalithic complexes Gunung Padang on Java in Indonesia and Machu Picchu in Peru, unveiled with the help of Digital Earth, both located on opposite sides of Earth – on the meridians spaced from each other by 180 degrees – is considered in the work. The possibility and methodology of using Digital Earth in the search and interpretation of hypothetical hyper structures of archaeological sites is discussed.

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Eremchenko, Eugene, and Юрий Батурин. 2019. “On the Relative Location of the Gunung Padang and Machu Picchu Megalithic Complexes”. Geocontext 7 (1), 19-26. https://geo-context.org/index.php/geocontext/article/view/44.

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