Neogeography and cartography: semiotic avaluation

  • Абрам Бенцианович Соломоник
Keywords: neogeography, cartography, semiotics


Recently, I happened to get acquainted with several works that appeared on the Neogeography website (1), about new methods of displaying and submitting geographic information. These are images of the Earth's surface, obtained by photographing the Earth from aircraft and from satellites and provided to users using computers, navigators and other electronic devices. New geospatial products differ sharply from traditional cartographic models with a content side (image character and huge informative content), with functional (availability and ease of manipulation) and with utilitarian (practical utility). This summer, driving around in a car in absolutely unfamiliar places, I clearly saw many of the advantages of the newly introduced navigation devices. Therefore, I have no doubt about the validity of the enthusiastic description of new methods of using the already existing and constantly improving electronic devices of such a plan expressed by the authors of these articles.

Author Biography

Абрам Бенцианович Соломоник

Abram Solomonik is a Soviet and Israeli scholar, philologist, author of numerous (more than ten) and widely used Hebrew language dictionaries, who for a long time was the chief methodologist of the Israeli Ministry of Education for teaching Hebrew adults. The last two decades, the main sphere of his scientific interests is general and applied semiotics, including cartesemiotics. The author of eight published works on semiotics, seven of which are written in Russian.

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