On the semiotics of photoatlas, atlasing and the project "Iconic Atlassing"

  • Alexander Wolodtschenko Dresden Technical University
Keywords: Photoatlas, Atlas-Semiotic, Atlas, the project


This article briefly reviews the semiotic features of photoatlases (mini-atlases for smartphones and tablets), the atlassing system and the new atlas-related products within the framework of «Iconic Atlassing» project.

Author Biography

Alexander Wolodtschenko, Dresden Technical University

Alexander Volodtschenko - Chairman (1999-2011) of the Commission of the International Cartographic Association (ICA) on theoretical cartography, co-editor (together with the current deputy chairman of the commission Florian Khruba) of the magazine "Meta-carto-semiotics" (since 2008). The co-editor of the cycle "Diskussionsbeitraege zur Kartosemiotik und zur Theorie der Kartographie" (since 1998 together with Hansgeorg Schlichtmann from Canada).

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Wolodtschenko, Alexander. 2016. “On the Semiotics of Photoatlas, Atlasing and the Project "Iconic Atlassing"”. Geocontext 4 (1), 68-106. http://geo-context.org/index.php/geocontext/article/view/6.

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