Geodesy as an integral scientific system and its reincarnation

  • Мария Леонидовна Синянская Siberian State Geodetic Academy
Keywords: paradigm, theory of science, period


The article provides theoretical and practical foundation of surveying all historical epochs. It is noted that the “gene” subject predestination development of geodesy is stored at each of its reincarnation. It is noted that in the twentieth century in geodesy has lost its theoretical foundations.
As a scientific basis for geodesy in the new development stage, the "theory of the development of geodesy" is proposed. It is noted that there are some difficulties and problems of conceptual-terminological nature during the formation of the paradigm of geodesy at the beginning of 21st century.

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Синянская, Мария. 2016. “Geodesy As an Integral Scientific System and Its Reincarnation”. Geocontext 4 (1), 45-55.

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