Geoinformation and cartographic monitoring support for assessing the state of natural and man-made complexes in the Sakhalin Oblast

  • Вячеслав Анатольевич Мелкий Sakhalin State University
  • Алексей Александрович Верхотуров Sakhalin State University
Keywords: land monitoring, GIS mapping, satellite imagery, geoportal, cartographic atlas


The regional land monitoring is carried out for evaluating of land resources, determining changes and prognosis of natural and technogenic processes, and developing recommendations to reduce or prevent the negative effects. The study used methods such as mathematical and GIS mapping, spatial analysis, and thematic interpretation.The results of monitoring are present in a cartographic form, and thus must be based on the actual maping data. The cartographical support at the monitoring system on regional level is a very difficult and relevant problem. In this paper the technical possibilities of information reception stations from satellites TERRA, Landsat, NOAA and others in the Sakhalin region were analyzed. As result of research, the methodological basis of the system of atlas geoinformation mapping (SAGIM) of the Sakhalin region was developed, which focused on ensuring the monitoring of natural and technogenic processes in the region.

Author Biography

Вячеслав Анатольевич Мелкий, Sakhalin State University

PhD "Petrogenetic informativeness of iron-titanium-oxide minerals of volcanic complexes of the Great Kurile Ridge" (1995). Ful Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences "Aerospace monitoring of volcanic areas: theory and methods" (1999). Author of more than 120 published works, incl. five monographs (in co-authorship).

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Мелкий, Вячеслав, and Алексей Верхотуров. 2016. “Geoinformation and Cartographic Monitoring Support for Assessing the State of Natural and Man-Made Complexes in the Sakhalin Oblast”. Geocontext 4 (1), 30-44.