Financial provision of enterprises as element of their geospace

Keywords: financial provision, geospace, economical development, enterprise, efficiency


In the article considers features of financial provision of activity of the enterprises of the Donetsk people's Republic as a part of their space, the mutual influence of the enterprises and the territory on the financial stability and economic development. It is concluded that the conditions for the functioning of the enterprise due to the need for objective and comprehensive evaluation of the financial and geo-information support of their activities.

Author Biography

Раиса Ивановна Балашова, Donetsk National Technical University

The scientific degree of Candidate of Economic Sciences was conferred in 1999, the thesis "Assessment of the effectiveness of enterprises of new forms of management on the basis of resource-saving indicators", specialty 08.06.01 "Economics of the enterprise and organization of production."
The academic title of Associate Professor of the Department of Economic Disciplines was received in 2005.
The scientific degree of Doctor of Economic Sciences was awarded in 2014, the thesis "Tourism enterprises in industrial territory: the methodological foundations of their economic development", specialty 08.00.04 "Economics and management of enterprises (by types of economic activity).
Sphere of scientific interests: the effectiveness of enterprises, their impact on the development of industries and territories.

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Балашова, Раиса. 2016. “Financial Provision of Enterprises As Element of Their Geospace”. Geocontext 4 (1), 5-15.